Thursday, 14 September 2017

Halloween is on the horizon

The leaves are falling the wind is blowing, the TV is losing it's digital signal - get a hot cup of cocoa, a nice warm rug over your knees and read my Halloween horror stories. There are three that tell a tale of loves lost, loves found, and the evils of messing with magic on Samhain. A time when the most darkest of evils can be released sometimes by accident.  Also includes some funny moments or it wouldn't be me writing,

They link together, tying up mystical knots, a lot of research was done for these books and some of the people in them exist, how strong their powers are I do not want to find out. 

Finally, the last in the series

I am extremely proud of Evil, I have tried to show how the most innocent looking people can be the devil's advocates.  

Read enjoy, pass to your friends - on Amazon Kindle - now.

Monday, 11 September 2017

My books!

Haven't sold a single book in August - but what can you expect ?  It was a really bad month in many ways for me.

Going private to try and sort my hearing out - just hope it doesn't include having an operation. Had blood tests today as I have been coming up in mysterious bruises on my arm. Possibly a re-action to the anti dizzy pills.

So onwards and upwards - massive Edgehill Sealed Knot in two weeks time - so getting ready for that. It's the first time it's a major and it's because it's the 350th anniversary of the battle.  It's only five minutes away from our caravan storage. Taking place at Compton Verney.  

Been looking for houses as well, nothing affordable unfortunately and nothing large or pretty to rent either.

I must get out of this house before something else happens to me. I'm losing myself here.

I 'll miss the garden but not the noisey neighbours who always seem to be drilling, sawing and hammering and smoking horrible cigarettes in their garden so nasty and pungent that it sticks to my laundry when I hang it out.  I have had to stop doing that.

So what do I want?

1) To be well.  Completely - something I haven't had since I was 33.
2) To move to a bigger house with nice neighbours where we can be happy.
3) To have enough money to live on 
4) To write more books and get them published.
5) For my pets to be well and happy - this includes my husband!
6) A holiday

Not so much in the great run of things really. Just to have what I used to have before I moved to Oxfordshire.

Oh well time to stop cribbing about stuff and get on with making it happen.


Thursday, 7 September 2017

I'm so glad August is over!

August for me was like a bad firework night - there were a few bright sparks, but the rest of it was like a dud roman candle - even worse as if it rained all the time.

September I have always liked, even as a child, going to a new term at school. I loved getting all my brand new exercise books and covering them with wallpaper or brown paper. The smell of the ink and polish and the scratchy collars of a new uniform shirt.

Many years later it was for my son, it was always about buying clothes slightly too big to allow him to grow as the term progressed. New shoes, new football boots, new plimsolls, new wellie boots - none of those could be bought bigger, but replaced every three months as he grew out of them.

At work it was the early start of the Autumn schedules, followed by Christmas, and stings (adverts) for the programmes to come, had to be made.  I loved the smell of the electricity in the studios, getting lost in the countless circles of Television Centre, working deep into the night walking through corridors that lit up as you passed by to save energy.

Then there was the September that I married my husband, today 15 years ago in fact. We got married in Sulgrave House, George Washington's ancestral home, but more important to us a 17th Century House still with it's furniture and fittings and resident ghost!

This Anniversary is the first one that we've been apart during the day - we normally go somewhere - usually Lyme Regis or Tregenna Castle, but Andy used all his holidays up looking after me while I was ill.  So he is at work and I'm at home doing paperwork and all the necessaries of life to keep a home going.

Tonight I will cook his favourite, melt in the mouth roast chicken and roast potatoes with green vegetables and we'll have fancy ice cream for dessert.  I bought a film for us to watch Guardians of the Galaxy 2.  So we can snuggle down together and pretend we've got to the weekend!

I wish I wasn't still deaf, I hate it. I can hear some things now in my left ear but my right ear is not working at all.

But this is all small beir when I think of those poor people suffering under Hurricane Irma.
I don't understand why scientists haven't invented something to reverse the pressure in the centre of the storm and dissapate it.  Surely raising the low pressure in the eye would stop
it building into a twister.  Only a theory, I know nothing much about this sort of thing. But if in the 1960s the Russians could seed clouds to make it rain - something could be done to stop these storms growing.

Anyway that's enough for now.  Have a good weekend everybody and look after yourselves and each other.


Wednesday, 30 August 2017


Here she is
Molly Polly Evans!   A real little sweetheart from the RSPCA Cat rescue.  She's fun and loves her new toys, and food and is getting used to Eddie - they've even had a sniff of noses at close quarters. We think she's about one year old and was found in a shed after having kittens. 

Only two kittens survived and have been found homes. 

She's going to be so loved and spoilt!  and so is our Eddie below!

 We will always miss Amber forever - in our hearts
Here are some of my other cats - loved and lost - although at much greater ages which somehow makes it easier to bear.
 Sammy and his mum Sabrina - Sammy lived to 16 years Sabrina 18 years

Going Sealed Knotting? Me too!!

I know I had a moan in the last post about stuff, but I am so very very lucky to have what I have and be who I am.  I have a lovely husband, a nice home, tiny but nice,and  food on the table and have two lovely pets. I am not waist high in water having lost everything or in a war zone.  I am so very very fortunate.

Wishing you all a good weekend, and all good

My problems are nothing.

Thursday, 24 August 2017


Starting to feel better at long last.  Not crying now when I speak about my little boy lost.  It's Thursday and it's been a very long week for me.  I am still not completely well but parts of my hearing are starting to return along with shrill whistles and low tone.

It's been a strange year, a year of replacements, my car affectionately known as Ruby gave up the ghost in May and puttered into the garage to be exchanged for a super duper Mitsubushi 4x4 that was a few years old and very swish.  Now known as Hi Ho Silver because of it's colour. Silver has a female voice and it's a shock when your car talks to you!

The caravan was crumbling away after many adventures and repairs, it was exchanged for a brand new one who, with us, had already had many adventures and repairs!  The washing machine started to chew and grind the clothes and spit them out distastefully sopping wet and dirty, so we sourced a new Samsung that sings jolly tunes to me and speaks.

The tumble drier decided it had had enough and was replaced, luckily because of a recall.

Why does every appliance have to speak to you these days?  I know sometimes I talk to the kettle on long days of writing, but my shiny copper kettle says nothing in return.
Although I complain about the chatty utilities, now I'm deaf I miss them!

So I look at the savings account that we both spent ages building up and we have £34 left.


We haven't had a proper holiday just a weekend here and there.  Not just because of money - although the palliative care of my poor Amber came to over £750.

No. I have been ill and can't go out, the last time I did, I caught this baterial infection that dissolved my ear-drums. I hope they grow back properly.

Going to see a rescue cat about a year old with a striking resemblance to Amber, hoping this will help Eddie get over his miseries - and us.  So even replacing my poor little cat.

Money is like the tide, it comes in and goes out, taking flotsam with it, and sometimes bringing in jetsam. Flotsam is what is accidentally lost from a boat and floats, Jetsam comes from jettison - goods thrown overboard to lighten the load - and this can be good stuff .

The Washing Machine is singing telling me it's finished and also to come and empty it
so I must go.  I am pleased I can hear this even if it sounds like it's in the distance!

Today the sun is starting to shine and there is enough blue in the sky to make a sailor a pop sock, so perhaps, just perhaps things are starting to look up.


Monday, 21 August 2017

Goodbye my little love

48 hours ago my little boy Amber had to be put to sleep, he had mega colon which meant his bowel had stopped working. We gave him two pain free days with us - chasing butterflies in the garden, playing with ducky duck and eating roast chicken. I have been missing him for two days and crying whenever I see his toy, his plate, his empty bed. His brother Eddie has been sitting in the garden for 6 hours now waiting for him to come back. Poor Eddie is so stressed he has cystitus, he's waiting by the hole in the hedge Amber made to come and go and shelter from sun and rain.


Wednesday, 16 August 2017

The best laid plans of Mice and Men and Margarets.....

Well it's been a time since I posted. 
I have had a serious bacterial illness that left me unable to function and has left me deaf.
Came on like a strange headache, I was in the garden when it started to sway round me and I thought I was going to faint.

I nipped round the corner to the Doctors who luckily was in and had an emergency appointment, he looked me over and told me it was a one off. Probably tiredness.

The next day I was in excruiating pain all over my body and couldn't move, hubby took me to see Dr Edwards, a jolly hockeysticks kind of woman, skinny, fit, tanned, big white teeth and a mane like a horse.
"EEEhhh " she laughed, "Ear infection, it'll burn itself out you have blisters on your eardrum."
Later that night, the pain increased and I was crying in agony, it felt like a burning hot knife was being pushed into my ears, we rang 111 the emergency online doctor and they got us an appointment with the walk in centre at 11pm.

While we were waiting to see the Doctor, I heard loud popping in my ears as if someone was popping balloons or shooting a gun.  Bang bang bang so loud my dear hubby could hear it sitting next to me.

Then my ears bled and seeped yellow goo. God it hurt, it really really hurt.

 When it was our turn to go in, we saw a lovely Carribean woman doctor with pretty dreads and a lovely caring attitude, she took swabs from my ears and told me to ring my doctor and they could give me the appropriate anti-biotic as it was a bacterical infection.

The following day I couldn't stand up, I felt the room swirling around me, everything went dark. I was by now completely deaf, I sat down and felt like I was falling into a pit. I needed air so hubby took me into the back garden and I sat on a chair and screamed in agony and panic.

We visited a Doctor or emergency room every day for a week and nothing was stabilising, we had lots of advice that didn't work - Dr Edwards refused to get the swabs back for us as she thought there was no point, so the locum doctor did and I have a specific infection that can be cleared up by the antibiotic and I was also given anti dizzy tablets.

Dr Edwards told me not to take the antibiotics.

Now it's what three weeks later, I am deaf as a post, feeling bit better, can read, write my blog, do about ten mins of Facebook before I feel queasy - I'll know if I will hear again in another two weeks or so apparently.

Winston Graham wrote in one of his novels, "one day you can be fit, strong, planning for the future, and the next gone."   

I'm not gone yet, I'm still fighting.